Just Got Played was started by Patrick Siebert of Jester's Hand Publishing and Brian Fiore of Wendigo Publishing with the purpose to review table top games in a short, fun, and objective manner.  In other words, 5 minutes, Pro/Con Format, filmed live at the Cloak & Blasters gaming pub in Orlando, Florida.  
Secondarily, we know a lot of reviews can be long and boring, so our aim is to keep things light and fun. We are not paid to do reviews or previews. We may get to keep a personal copy of a game we review, and/or we may offer the reviewed game as a prize in a contest to help hype up the game and as a way to thank our viewevers for watching, spreading the word, and supporting the independent game designers/games we review.  
Our primary goal is to help independent game designers get their game in front of the gaming public's gaze, without them having to pay a small fortune to do so (which can cost upwards of $350 to $500).  
​When Patrick is not editing our next video, he is busy helping other game designers on his Facebook Group The Consortium of Game Designers, and  working diligently on his game designs.  Patrick's next game to hit Kickstarter in 2016, will be Siege of Verdan, a strategic medieval war game of military conquest that utilizes assassins, diplomats, soldiers, cavalry, and more, complete with a unique fog of war mechanic.   
​When Brian is not taste testing coffee and managing his carbs, he is busy working on his various game designs, such as Microvores: A Game of Parasites, Despotic, and also busy developing Insert Imagination, a table-top component system to facilitate the creation of prototypes, demo-copies, and small production runs of DIY games (including PNPs and small runs of self-manufactured games).