Just Got Played (JGP) was founded in 2015 by Patrick Siebert and Brian Fiore in order to review and showcase independent tabletop games in a short, fun, and objective manner.  Unless otherwise stated, our "reviews" are unpaid, objective, follow an overview/pro/con format, and are played and filmed live at The Cloak & Blaster, a gaming pub in Orlando, Florida.  We also attend many conventions to film reviews, interview folks, host panels, and game with our fans!  
Our mission is to help independent game designers and publishers get exposure for their games prior to launching on Kickstarter, and to provide objective validation to the gaming community that such games are actually playable.  As independent designers and publishers ourselves, we understand the importance of 3rd party validation, the benefits of reaching as wide of a target audience as possible, and the time and costs involved for all parties.
​When Patrick is not touring the US in search of our next interview victims, he's editing and promoting our reviews of awesome independent tabletop games coming to Kickstarter!  In addition to administering multiple Facebook Groups (including Kickstand and The Consortium of Game Designers), Patrick is designs, develops, and self-publishes awesome games such as Siege of Verdan, and A House in New Orleans.  Patrick's publishing company is Jester's Hand Publishing, LLC.   
​When Brian is not updating the JGP website, he's busy designing games such as Microvores: A Game of Parasites, Christmas Tree: The Decorating, Despotic, Truffle Roulette, Prohibitchin, and inventing gaming accessories and systems such as Insert Imagination, a method of using insertible components in order to make prototyping, customizing, and self-manufacturing easier for independent designers and publishers.                  
Meet the JGP Team:
Running a Pokemon TCG League for 12 years taught Cory Goff how gaming can build and foster an awesome community of players. By blending his league experience with his love of movies, comics, and games, Cory founded Times Infinity LLC with the aim of bringing new and exciting experiences to the gaming community.
After being a special education teacher for 8 years, Tiffany left the classroom to work as a behavior analyst for kids with Autism. She loves helping kids, and particularly enjoys working with them on social skills using tabletop games! Tiffany has been tabletop gaming for over 9 years and video gaming since she could hold a controller.