We are currently accepting submissions to review your Table Top Game, Accessory, or Service.  Our reviews are objective and free of charge.  We welcome Pre-Kickstarters and Published Games!        


    - We require that you contact us before sending us anything to review. You will need our Address and Email anyway!
    - We require that you (and your fellow creators) subscribe to our YouTube Channel.  
    - Your Demo Copy must be camera ready!  Art doesn't need to be 100% complete, but we need something to show off!
    - You need to have a Box for your game with a Title/Cover Art, etc...  even if it is not the final production version we need something to hold up!  
    - Your Game must be complete. Your game needs to have been blind-beta-tested enough so we can actually play it after reading the rules! 
    - Your Game must have typed instructions.  We cannot read cursive or chicken-scratch!
    - You must answer the Interview Questions provided below before we can do your review.  
    - You will include a link to our review of your game's Kickstarter page and on your website and/or social media channels.  
    - You should also provide us a link to a "How to Play Video" of your game and/or a 2-minute pitch.


    Optional Promotional Service:  If you send a 2nd Demo Copy of your game we will use it for promotional purposes (as a prize, reward, or giveaway in a contest on social media or at conventions, cafes, pubs, or FLGS events and locations we attend.  We will cover the shipping costs of sending out the prize to the winner).  

    Optional Forwarding Service: In the event you would like your Demo Copy returned or forwarded, you must inform us of such before sending us your game. There is a fee to use the forwarding service to compensate for time/materials.  The game must fit within a L/M/S USPS Flat Rate Shipping Box, and may only be forwarded to a US address. Link Below.      

    - Any content you submit to us (in any medium) will be considered your consent and license to have your game/product/service reviewed and such review distributed by us in any medium (Video, Podcast, Blog, etc...) or not at all, in our discretion.  
    - You acknowledge, agree, represent, and warrant that for any and all content that you submit to us, that you are the owner of and/or have the legal authority/permissions to be able make such submissions and agree to these Terms and Requirements.  Further you acknowledge and agree to hold us harmless, and to indemnify us for any fines, damages, fees, costs, expenses, and attorney fees that we might incur as a result of using, copying, and/or distributing any of the content that you have submitted to us, whether suit be brought or not.        
5/6/2017. Requirements and Terms & Conditions Subject to Change.
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